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help our troops. right now you are looking at our turkeys for troops phone bank here in our wusa9 studios. we're trying to raise enough money to give 1,200 military families in our area thanksgiving and christmas baskets. if you want to help out, call our food bank number at 202-895- 5560 or log onto click on the uso button to make an online donati. >>> if dollars will feed a family of six. if you can't afford that amount, any amount is appreciated. your donation will be helping out families like the leaders at fort belvoir who as our andrea roane reports are finding out it is not necessarily cheaper by the zen. >> >> reporter: dinner time at the leaders is controlled chaos. lori and her husband, staff sergeant tim leader run a tight ship. they have no choice. >> i'm josh and this is jasper. >> i'm jarrett. >> i'm jess and i this is jedi. >> i'm jeremy. >> i'm jalen and this is judy. >> i'm jew day why. >> i'm jonah. >> i'm joel -- i'm judy. >> i'm jonah. >> i'm joel. >> reporter: in case you lost count, the leaders have 12 children. >> i remember seeing an ad tha
primary. >>> wusa is appealing a fcc decision, requiring this station to let pro and the life independent candidate randall terry buy commercial time. fcc rules require stations to give reasonable access to the ads of candidates for federal office. terry is on the presidential ballot in west virginia, but not in maryland, virginia or the district. in its brief to the fcc, wusa art its signal does not reach west virginia, and therefore it should not be required to run terry's ads. the commission ruled that wusa's signal reaches enough in west virginia to meet the requirement. 9news viewed the six commercials on terry's campaign site as of last week. all were too graphic to be shown in the newscast, with images of aborted fetuses or beheadings in the middle east. in a statement, wusa said we disagree with the decision by the fcc staff to require us to broadcast advertisements for mr. terry, who is not running for office in washington, d.c., maryland or virginia. we will be asking the fcc to reconsider its decision. >>> we have continuing coverage of the upcoming national and local elections
-- and then we'll text you election results all night long. you can also keep track of the election at and you can follow us on twitter, we'll have information you won't get anywhere else. the handle is @wusa9. >>> of course there are also plenty of races across the nation to of what closely -- to watch closely tonight. 13 congressional races are expected to decide control of capitol hill. among them, the massachusetts senate race between republican incumbent scott brown and former obama administration official elizabeth warren. missouri congressman todd akin was expected to upset democratic incumbent mccaskill in missouri. that is until he made some pretty controversial comments about abortion earlier in the campaign. we'll be watching both the races and several others for you throughout the evening. >>> and coming your way on 9news now at 7:00, we'll have continued team coverage of this election, remember the virginia polls close at 7:00. plus an update on the george allen and tim kaine battle for the senate and the very latest election results as they come in. we'll see you at 7:00
on these candidates, particularly their stances on spending and economics, at >>> tomorrow is the last day for virginians to vote absentee. today is the last day to cast an early ballot in maryland. you have until 9:00 p.m. to make it to a polling center. >>> in montgomery county one of the key ballot questions would modify collective bargaining with the police department. now, the county argues that it would force the police chief to consult with the union before any management decisions are made, but the fraternal order of police says would it repeal 30 years of all the kinds of bargaining that sure things like advanced notice of shift changes. our andrea mccarren is taking a closer look at this issue. watch her story at >>> meantime, as one guy in our office put it today, you don't ask for a union card when a firefighter shows up to rescue you from your burning apartment. but apparently that is exactly the sort of reaction some utility crews are getting as they head up to new jersey to help in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. crews from northern alabama say crews in new jer
our phone bank in front of you at 202-895-5556 or go to our website at and click on the uso button on our homepage. the phones are starting to ring, but we could always use more, so call right now. >>> he served in two wars and flew with the likes of charles lindberg and howard hughes. coming up we'll introduce you to one of the most vibrant world war ii vets you will ever need. >> back to reality, cold front is on the way. we'll let you know how cold it's going to get behind the front. >> but up next two weeks after superstorm sandy tens of thousands of people still without power are demanding answers. >>> just when new york city commuters started to think things were getting back to normal, two crashes shut down the lincoln tunnel for hours this morning. in one case about 20 people were hurt, at least two of them seriously when a new jersey transit bus slammed into a trailways bus. the crash happened during the morning rush hour on the new jersey side and then two hours later a bus and a truck collided also on the new jersey side. those delays lasted as long as
canned food and fresh fruit. you can help the victims as well. just go to facebook page, like it. and for everybody that does, we will donate a dollar to the red cross sandy relief fund. >>> new at 11:00, a new top cop sets a precedence next sunday. the department will have a new chief, the first female chief. she has served as deputy chief for the past five years. before that, are she served for 21 years with arlington county police. gavin will follow someone that was chief for 21 years. >>> breaking news in prince george's county. a police officer is involved in a crash and rushed to the hospital along with another driver. it happened about 9:00 tonight at the intersection of branch avenue and dyson road in brandywine. you have a sky9 picture there. police tell us this was an unmarked police cruiser. it was responding to a call with its lights and sirens on. neither driver has suffered life-threatening injuries. the crash is being investigated. >>> what if we told you meth could help fight the flu. we know methamphetamine can kill brain flu. meth treated cells had a lower co
. >> for the complete list of the schools schedule to be closed, go to our website, public hearings are also going to be held. >>> here's a live look outside. right now, it's a little chilly, though it's clear. topper is at the weather center. what about the rest of our night? >> hmighty have fallen. 30 degrees cooler if you factor in the wind chill. let's start with how many degrees we've lost since this time yesterday. we go back 24 hours. we track the temperature loss. we've lost 20 degrees downtown. 29 degrees colder up in frederick than it was at this time yesterday. also in leesburg, 21 degrees colder in andrews and 25 degrees colder in manassas. now, you factor in the winds, we've lost closer to 30 degrees. feels like it's 44 downtown. in the 30s in gaithersburg and leesburg and 37 up in frederick. for tonight, clear, breezy and cold. in the 30s. one to two blanket night. winds out of the north at 10 to 20. if you're headed out now dress for the 30s. later dress for the 20s. >> cold night ahead. thank you, topp. >>> they are the men and women who make sure veterans are cared for in cl
hours. i'll explain when 9news now returns. >>> for the fourth year, wusa9 is proud to be helping the su o to raise money in order to feed local military families this holiday season. but we need your help. if you'd like to contribute to a holiday food basket for our local military families, go to click on the uso icon on our home page. all the money you donate stays right here in our community for families like the leaders. >> reporter: dinner time at the leaders is controlled chaos. laurie and her husband, staff sergeant tim leader run a tight ship. they have no choice. >> i'm josh and this is jasper. >> i'm jeremy. >> i'm jona. >> i'm joel. >> reporter: in case you've lost count, they have 12 children. >> i remember seeing a thing, an ad for a store one time. it said the average family will go through 27 boxes of cereal in a year. i kind of laughed at that because we go through 50 boxes in a month. >> corn, mixed vegetables and mow take toes, fruits -- potatoes, fruits. >> reporter: their monthly grocery bill is $600. throw in a bill holiday meal and the budget can get tig
't it have been done days ago? drop us a line, we may get to your comments on the air monday evening. >>> okay, how does $50 for five gallons of gas sound? well, that is what some drivers in seaside heights, new jersey are paying, and that's after they went in line for four hours. more than a million people across the state are still without power, and that means no heat and the temperatures are going down. we take a live look outside right now. our own temperatures are none too warm. topper in the weather center. what can we expect? >> it's going to be chilly. if you are headed out i would dress for the 30s. it is going to be windy tonight and tomorrow. let's start with temperatures, primarily in the 40s. it's still 50 downtown but for all intents and purposes it's in the 40s. 46 in gaithersburg, 46 in leesburg, 43 up in hagerstown, 43 also in cumberland. the freezing mark for our friends in oakland who were still trying to dig out of 30 inches of snow. 22 miles per hour wind gust downtown, 22-mile-per-hour gust in gaithersburg. 26 miles per hour in martinsburg. so fo
on the recalls on our website, >> they never recall oreos. just saying. >>> the new ipad mini went on sale today, and with more mini- size lines than most appear pap launches. the smallest starts at $329 but it's got the same capabilities as the full-size version. only the wi-fi version went on sale today. the 3g/4g versions don't go on sale for a few more weeks. analysts expect longer lines as we get closer to the holiday season. however, they also say there are smaller tablets out there like the kindle fire hd and the nexus p. >>> coming up, a man divorces then sues his ex-wife for giving birth to an ugly baby. get this, he wins. >>> up next, a suspected gas thief ends up setting himself and his truck on fire. >>> don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> caught on tape, a suspected thief who thought key get away with stealing gas ends up getting burned. here's surveillance video from arizona. investigators say a man was trying to steal gasoline by siphoning it with a motorized pump but he ends up catching himself and his truck on fire. t
and there are people all over the coast who need your help. >> and here at wusa9 we are donating $1 to the american red cross, sandy relief fund, for every one of you who "like" us on facebook. it's a quick simple way you can help out. just click on like and we'll send a buck. keep it here with 9news now. >>> welcome back. southbound 95 or northbound 95, you have initially got delays as you leave the occoquan river through woodbridge and then again from lorton up to springfield. at least the lanes are open from 395 where it's beginning to bunch up as well from duke street to seminary road. back to you howard. >>> thanks. you know you want to start your day off right with a heart healthy breakfast. it's really very critical to what you do. the chef is from sedexo and we're here because the heart walk is coming up a week if saturday. and chef wean what. the new supergrain here? >> it's full of ame know acids and proteins. ecuador. >> i've heard of it here in the last couple of years but this is something you can get in any store here. >> readily in most grocery stores. >> we have the heart healthy cupcak
facebook fan page. for everyone who likes wusa9, we will donate a dollar to the american red cross relief fund for sandy. all the money goes to the victims. >> very good. it is good. >> you'll be back in 30 minutes, what will you have for us? >> the national debt clock. a lot of people talk about it. >> thanks jess. >>> there is something covering even more ground than the presidential candidates today. >> the capital christmas tree will be on the road for a week before it gets to washington. >>> and ahead in sports the redskins marred their 80th anniversary celebration with a poor performance against a one win team. we'll be right back. >>> bundle up, we have temperatures down in the 30s and some low 40s out there. another chilly morning. looks like a diesel sent day though, sunshine here, not going to be a warm day. 4 by 3:00, potentially a high of maybe 51, 52, sunset just after 5:00. gets dark early now that we are on standard time. i'll be back in a few minutes, here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> on the beltway toward university boulevard, construction is still in place in the
ginty's mailbag. the address is 9 news now will be right back. >>> in the mailbag tonight more reaction to the election day results from yesterday. one viewer suggesting yesterday that president obama ought to give mitt romney a big job in his administration all in the interest of bipartisanship. i agreed with that. i suggested perhaps tax reform and michelle in hyattsville is with us. i think you have a great idea about including romney in some sort of position in this second government given how divisive the politics of the race were. this would go a long way to creating genuine bipartisanship to solve the serious economic problems this country faces. romney's business experience would be invaluable and silence the racial and class bigots. then there was this on a story i did last night at 11:00 chatting with an elections expert who argues that those fancy new touchscreen voting machines are the real reason behind those long voting lines. he says we need to go back to the paper ballots and our good friend deb from arlington believes him. well, now live in arlington and voted
website we're back in just a minute. >>> there are not too many things that can bring a family together like the smell of a thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately some of our servicemen and women may not get to experience that this year, but with a little help from the uso metropolitan washington one local family is making sure that our troops get the proper thanksgiving they deserve. chopping stuffing, rolling and mashing all delivered with addable of love for a holiday feast. >> i do it because a lot of times people are away from their families with. we do it for them -- families. we do it for them and we do it for family that want the familiarity of home and family and would rather not eat in the chow hall. >> cecilia herrera and her family have been cooking for those folks unable to travel home for the holidays. this year she's doing it for a dozen. >> everybody is coming together. it's really awesome for my children to be exposed to guys who have incredible stories and they have alot to learn from them. >> herrera says she knows firsthand just how hard it be when you
council is asking you to join them in scouting for food. wusa9 is is a sponsor of the program and it benefits those in need. we want to welcome brian deputy scout compensationtive ncac. -- executive ncac. i'm a den leader and i'm going to do it this week. that's when you will find a white plastic bag and a little card about what to do and we're donating food to help the needy. tell us about the bags and what people do when they get them. >> we spent last weekend, over 13,000 boys and roughly 8500 adults that we know of that have been reported went out over the weekend and placed bags in northern virginia and in maryland. and mark is in the d.c. area. asking folks to if they would to place canned items, dry goods in these bags for us to pick up this weekend. and it's our effort to collect close to a million pounds of food this weekend through this effort to help feed the hungry neighbors we have in our community. >> where does it go? >> mostly to food banks, we have some food pantries but predominantly goes to the food banks and they're better at distributing the food than we a
're continuing to follow this story. we'll have the latest information on our website. wusa 9. com and on 9 news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. district police are looking for the gunman behind a triple shooting that occurred in northeast washington. the victim's, a woman and two men were apparently innocent bystanders at a bp gas station on being road northeast. he got into a dispute is with the gas station clerk. went to his car and came back shooting. the get away car was found later after a collision with a van but the gunman had fled the scene. nancy palosy says she will run to keep her job. her colleagues made it clear that she shouldn't think of leaving. she won reelection in san francisco. but at age 72 she did not say whether or not she plans to run for office when her term ends. she made history at the first woman speaker of the house when elected in 2007. senior fbi officials are scheduled to brief congressional investigators today on the affair that broke down cia director david patraeus. they'll ask about thousands of emails between a tampa socialite. daniel nottingham has more. >> repo
. you can learn more about the potential impacts of the congressional deadline at and that is where jessica doyle has a piece on child-related tax rates and deductions. coming up in just 7 minutes, the potential impact on air travel. anita? >> one week after david petraeus resigned as the head of the cia, he was back on capitol hill today testifying about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. as emmy schmidt reports, lawmakers want answers about what he knew about the attack that killed four americans, including a u.s. ambassador. >> various scenarios. >> reporter: david petraeus ended a week in the spotlight behind closed congressional doors. >> general petraeus's briefing was comprehensive. >> reporter: the attack in libya has become a political issue over when the obama administration knew what prompted the attack. spontaneous reaction to an anti- muslim video or terrorists. now, impressions of the meeting are mixed. >> so much of this confusion arises because of the difference between what is classified and what is unclassified. >> he told us that this
if they really help stimulate the economy. wusa and the washington guardian added up all the internal investigations at the department of energy, department of education, and 27 other federal agencies that spend stimulus money, finding more than .8 million had been misspent, lost to fraud, or questionable in other ways. our reviews on the program and spending on the american recovery reinvestment act indicates the numbers are likely to grow. investigators in the government agency that spent the money continue their audits and pursuing more than 1,900 open criminal investigations. for more specific examples like funds intended to aid the poor folks in rural areas, instead being paid for homes with swimming pools. check out our findings at for 9 wants to know with the washington guardians. >> thank you, russ. the white house did not respond to requests for a comment, anita? >>> you can rip out that dictionary page that has the word landslide in it because it looks like we're not going to be needing it this time this year. polls show the popular vote for the president to be vi
commercial break, here at wusa9, we are donating $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund for every everyone who likes us on facebook. it's a quick and easy way for you to help victims. we'll be right back. >>> all right, i'm back. >>> we know that maryland voters are facing some crucial issues when they go to the polls on tuesday, besides gambling and gay marriage, governor o'malley's congressional redistricting plan is going to be on the ballot. it is question 5. what is at stake, what does it mean? city councilman phil an draws is here to tell me -- andrews is here to tell me exactly what is this redistricting plan. why is it and what does it mean? >> thank you for having me. voters have a major decision to make because what was done by the governor and the general assembly was to approve new congressional districts that are extremely gerrymandered and split up communities all over the state. memory a million and a half marylanders were moved into different districts including more than half in montgomery county. and why gerrymandering is a problem is it undermines our democrati
that do can't meet the demand for gas. and the damage from sandy hit close to home right here at wusa-9. earlier we showed you this video. monday night, a huge tree came crashing into one of our reporters' home. take a look at the picture. the free fell on his bed. his wife had gotten up ten minutes earlier. >>> today, that tree was removed. it was so tricky so companies refused to get involved. what a mess. we are glad that bruce is safe. to hear him talk about his experience, go to >>> last night, we profiled steve and haleen nichols. they reached out to us when they feared that a long power outage could put steve's life at risk. >> reporter: it is so nice to meet you. >> steve has als. his ventilator was powered by aent later. we got to them last night and the electricity is back on. i was happy to visit them in their home last night. you can help the hurricanes of victim sandy. go to our facebook page and click "like." we'll donate a dar to the sandy relief fund. >>> after a nationwide man hunt a suspected bomber was caught in montana. >> lawrence stewart, the accused bom
:00 p.m. and you can learn more about all the local candidates and the ballot questions at just click on campaign 2012 and be sure to join tomorrow night. we'll have complete election coverage for you of all the races all day. anita? >> while we don't have to worry about bad weather here, tomorrow we know it plays a part in voter turnout. here's topper with a look at what voters in the battleground states can expect and the nor'easter we're tracking for wednesday. tough. >> we'll start with the battleground states. good news, the weather will cooperate across the 48 contiguous states anyway. we'll start out west, nevada and colorado. gorgeous sunshine. 70s, low 80s in las vegas. fantastic in colorado. sunshine, temperatures in the 60s. 65 with sunshine in denver. that's really pretty nice. we'll move up to wisconsin and iowa. a little different story here. not a huge storm. these folks are pretty hardy. a little bit of light rain and or snow mixed in wisconsin. maybe 40 milwaukee. i think des moines will stay dry. i think we'll have sunshine in western iowa. that's pretty
enough of 9news now coverage of election 2012. it continues on our website. log on to find all the results from the race to the presidency all the way down to the local school board race. >>> there's some other news one week after being displaced by sandy, thousands of residents have boarded buses and searched online for alternative polling places to cast their ballot. voter turnout remains strong despite the devastation in new york and new jersey. >> polling stations were relocated throughout the new york region. alison harmelin is in queens and she has more. >> reporter: bill left home on his bicycle in search of a place to vote. >> we were just circling around figuring out where the biggest spots were where people could be. >> reporter: these tents mark the spot where residents of new york's devastated rock aways are casting their ballots. election officials brought in generators to power the polls. a giant relief for voters who thought they were out of luck. >> scared to death i wasn't going to get an opportunity to vote. i actually thought they were going to pass on the vo
website, >>> coming up we're talking healthy living and heart walk d.c. with washington redskins great darrell green. >> he gets all the fun assignments. also ahead an overnight fire send a tobacco shop up in smoke. >> we're just trying to find out -- >> but first russ ptacek goes back to food establishments busted for unhealthy and dirty conditions and finds some of them may not have learned their lesson, all that right after the break. >>> tonight a 9 wants to know investigation is getting some action and it's all because of our probe and the d.c. health department now for the first time responding to some of our findings. >> our cameras uncover food risks experts say could make you sick at places already closed at least once, but inspectors put them back in business. our investigative reporter russ ptacek is here to spoil your appetite once again. >> lesli and derek, to make our list, they had to not only have repeat violations, we only put places under surveillance for investigation where we'd already found problems that they should have known someone would be watchi
's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. tony king wrote -- >> uh-huh. what do you think? put your answer on our facebook pan page and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we will be right back. >>> we have breaking news coming out of fauquier county. virginia. >> authorities are investigating an officer- involved shooting. right now on tackett mill road in stafford. the sheriff's department tells 9news now this victim in this has died and we don't have much information at this time. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll give you updates throughout the morning and of course on >>> 5:22 on the n fed morning. we're going -- this friday morning. we're going to have some clouds around this morning, it's chilly 30s and 40s. in fact by 9:00 still some snows in the far western facing slopes there of the appalachians. 44 here in town. with 39 in fredericksburg. we'll get to lunchtime with a mix of sun can clouds. 5 -- and clouds. 51 degrees in the city with 45 hagerstown and 53 pax river and then this afternoon highs between 50 and 55. finish the da
. >> everything you see here we'll put the recipe on so you can find it there. you can go visit our friend dr. baruch as well. we hope you have a great thanksgiving. we're just about done here at noon. have a great day, everybody. to find everything here. take care, everybody.
. want to know more about the pricing, go to >> we value the number of you who tune in to watch us. tonight we're learning the people in northern virginia are learning another valuable local news source after 143 years under various names now known as the manassass news and messenger will be closing at the end of the year. bought by warren buffett's world media enterprises and doesn't think it can make them profitable. 105 people will lose their jobs. >>> we learned about the death of university of maryland professor or michael du monceau. he was killed when his jeep hit a flatbed truck. no charges have been filed in the accident. >> very sad. >>> coming our way at 7:00, plastic bag battle. depending on who you talk to, banning the bags will save the environment or just trash thousands of jobs. the complete story in just a little bit. >> still to come in this half hour, a war of words brewing over the best way to save the chesapeake bay. >> and let's talk numbers. much cooler today. temperatures in the 40s. 49-36 in the books. we will talk about the weekend. starts
students would be sent the coming years at >>> the former chairman of the d.c. council learned his fate from not one, but two judges today. >> this is bruce johnson, late this afternoon kwame brown was here in court to respond to a misdemeanor campaign finance conviction. he was in the custody of deputy u.s. marshals and he had handcuffs on him. shackles around the waist and his legs and he was given a 30 day suspended sentence. before that he was over in federal court. he was given a one day sentence in federal court today by judge richard leon. the conviction was for bank fraud. kwame brown was also given six months home detention with a curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. >> oh wow. you know, i mean he's obviously extremely disappointed first in himself, and the situation he finds himself in. >> reporter: the 42-year-old former chairman of the d.c. council also given 480 hours of visible community service. after that, he must serve two years supervised probation. federal court kwame brown wiped away tears as he talked about the embarsment and told the judge told i'm here bec
. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address is 9 news now will be right back. >>> in the mailbag tonight election 2012, say what you want, feel how you may like about the results, but in a lot of places it was the process that was troublesome fraught with ridiculously long lines and betty from virginia wants something done about it. today my bent over 91-year-old mother who is a world war ii veteran herself drove to the polls, circled several times to find parking, no handicapped spaces available and then stood in line for an hour with her cane before her bones just couldn't take it anymore and she had to go home. this is a disgrace. is voting only for the strong, young and able bodied? betty, of course it's not, but i'm sure you know your poor mom was only one of thousands, maybe millions dealing with those crazy long lines and hours and hours of waiting and i have a couple take-aways from the situation. first of all, major league kudos to your mom and every other american who put up with that to cast your vote, but secondly, you shouldn't have had to. ameri
wusa9 facebook page. >>> this story will be of big interest to people who live in the district of columbia. in puerto rico a slim majority approved a push for the island to become the 51st state. that nonbidenning referendum still required final approval by -- nonbidenning referendum still required final approval by congress, but president obama said he would respect the will of the people, supporters of making the district the 51st state have tried to push that issue for years with no success. >>> investors on wall street express their displeasure with the election results by starting to sell the second the markets opened and as we hear the report, when it was all said and done, the dow dropped about 313 points. >> wall street investors are very concerned that nothing has really changed. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney was seen as a more business friendly candidate. >> it would have meant maybe a little bit of a fresher breath to our economy and a fresher breath to our market. >> reporter: banks and oil companies that may have benefited under an administration wi
of the south, southeast at 10. zone forecast, remember you can access this on our website even oakland gets near 50 tomorrow, 58 in cumberland, 66 culpeper, hagerstown 60, 64 in leesburg, warrenton, manassas, downtown mid-60s, mid-60s into southern maryland and 66 in annapolis and no small craft advisory for saturday. there could be one for sunday as those south, southwest winds pick up. 64 in gaithersburg and 64 saturday in frederick. next three days our 9 weather alerts all green, 64 tomorrow, 70 sunday, warmer and then 67 monday. again, a few cloud come in, maybe a late sprinkle, but upper 60s, a pretty good veterans day, especially compared to 1987. rain and showers tuesday with a cold front. in the wake of that front it gets cooler but nice, bright but brisk, mid-50s wednesday, thursday and friday under mostly sunny skies. >> oh, yeah, enough said. >>> got some big college basketball games to not. >> we're making that transition from -- tonight. >> we're making that transition from football to basketball. it's early season, but a night of tests for local basketball teams,
.m. you can learn more about all the local candidates and ballot questions by going to our website, just click on campaign 2012 and, of course, be sure to join us tonight for complete coverage of the races. >>> and when you are away from your television or your computer, you can still count on 9 news to bring you updated -- updated election results. just text election 9 to 25543 with your mobile phone. >>reporter: chaos and freezing temperatures with already weary voters. i'm allison harmalin in rockaway park, new jersey with that story. >>> victims still reeling from sandy, this is an election day they will likely never forget. thousands are still without power and many residents do not have a place to live. but even in the most devastated areas residents are overcoming all obstacles in order to get out and vote. allison harmalin has the latest. >>reporter: crowds have been streaming into these tents all morning to cast their votes, people roaming through devastated neighborhoods to find this makeshift polling place. >> they don't have internet, they don't have tv, they do
the recipe online so you can make your own. just go to our website on >> luckily i stashed mine in my purse, derek. >>> okay are they vampires or fashion models? derek weighs in on the latest twilight saga in tonight's let's be real. >>> and up next, helping out the victims of super storm sandy. we join her on a very emotional journey, top? >>> well we hit 55 today. kind of chilly today. here's your wake up weather for saturday. really a nice saturday morning. 28 to 38 at 6:00. 30s and 40s at 8:00. we should be in the 40s pretty much across the board by 10:00 with the full sun. we'll come back and tell you what the temp will top out at on saturday. looking ahead to sunday and looking ahead for your travel day on wednesday. >>> that's why she and her friends collected money, handing it out directly to people desperately in need. this is their story. >> i saw the wave coming down in the middle of the avenue. >> heartbroken. we're all heartbroken. >> reporter: within five minutes it was already two feet. two friends and i collected money and supplies, handing them out in staten isl
when 9 news now returns. >>> i love watching "dr. phil" everyday here on wusa9. guess what. he has a new book, it is called "life code: the new rules for winning in the real world" by dr. phil mcgraw. the book will help you better understand how the real worl works. and so joining us now live from new york is dr. phil. tell me, what inspired you to write this book? >> well, it's good to talk to you again. >> why did you write the book? >> you are right, this was an inspired writing pause i didn't intend to write a book. i sat down because something had happened in my life and i thought, you know what, from time to time i get people coming at me and my family, trying to exploit us, trying to use us, trying to abuse us. that happened. and i thought you know what? i'm going to look at the pattern and see if there's a consistency here of who it is that comes after us, are there commonalities among these people and are there commonalities among what they do, and i was overwhelmed when i looked at all the people over the years how common they were in terms of their characteristics and t
.m. and all you need to know about the local candidates and the ballot questions at click on campaign 2012. >>> on now to the continuing aftermath of super storm sandy. where victims in the heavily damaged parts in the northeast are keeping their eyes on the storm. a week after sandy, more than a million people in new york and new jersey are still in the dark tonight. there are gas shortages, mass transit problems and gridlocked traffic and the residents are just trying to get on with their lives. at least 110 people have died. and 40,000 in new york city are now homeless all as a result of sandy. >> meantime folks right here are continuing their part to help victims of the hurricane. in virginia, hundreds of aol employees loaded up an 18 wheeler with food, water and other socials. and fairfax, virginia, about 150 volunteers were putting together 10,000 ready to eat meals. >> i really believe that, you know, bringing the community together like this, we can change the world with little acts of generosity like this. >> the meals from that food drive will soon be sent to the
'll bring you the verdict via twitter at andrea mccaren and at of course, we'll get back on the air and get you new information as soon as it happens. again, the jury has asked for a little bit more time after a question to the judge. they want to stay and deliberate the fate of alexis simpson charged with murdering her roommate at bowie state university, dominique fraser. we'll be back. >> it does not get anymore up- to-the-minute on that. we'll get back to you if things change. >>> new information tonight about a sheriff deputy who shot and killed a suspect. this one happened on 63rd avenue east of maryland last night. investigators say that the deputy attempted to serve as the temporary peace order. the woman let the deputy inside the home. but once in there, they saw sweeney holding what appeared to be a black handgun and then shot and killed sweeney. we now know that firearms was a replica handgun. the sheriff department is investigating him out on administrative leave. >>> a strange story out of northwest d.c. where a hoose principal was arrested and charged with as
on our website, >>> a tragic ending to a parade honoring wounded veterans. four people are dead, 17 injured after a train hit their float. this was the seen in midland texas a few hours ago. the vets were on their way to a bank wet when they were hit by a -- banquet when they were hit by a train. >>> tomorrow former cia director david petraeus will appear on capitol hill. this will be his first public appearance since he resigned last week. pethokoukis will be meeting with lawmakers behind closed doors and discussing that attack on the u.s. consulate inbenghazi. earlier today members of the president's national security team answered lawmakers' questions. congress now trying to piece together what happened before, during, and after the attack which killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >>> and tomorrow president obama welcomes congressional leaders to the white house where they will be discussing that fiscal cliff and trying to figure out some sort of deal. if they can't make it happen on january 1st the bush era tax cuts expire and some drastic bud
on our website go ahead, give it a shot. homemade twinkies. >>> a live look outside. topper will be back after the break. right after the break, incorporating recycles materials back into our economy. we'll show you how it can be done. >>> in tonight's green alert, unusual weather like hurricane sandy are fueling climate changes. recycling is a part of that equation and how to incorporate recycles terms in our economy. we have -- materials in our economy. we have a look at one company that's riding the wave. >> reporter: when it cooks up its designer countertops, recycled glass is the main ingredient. at a recycle factory in the old navy yard, they mix glass with concrete and pigment. the glass has to be super clean so it comes from unused extra bottles of companies like snapple and busch. >> they crush the glass into art specifications. >> reporter: this is what the recycled glass looks like when it arrives at the factory. the factory has used ten million pounds of it in the past decade. glass is ideal for recycling because it can be crushed and reused over and over. americ
information on that, go to our website, back to you. >> thank you so much. that's four yearfrom now, but you know how to do it now. thank you. >>> well president obama back on the campaign trail today with five days to go in campaign 2012. his busy day included a stop for wisconsin, nevada, and colorado. the campaign announced that they are planning to have a rally on saturday at nearby virginia. appearing at a jiffy lube live with former president bill clinton. >>> in the meantime mitt romney has several plans to stop today. he's due at virgin beach in about an hour. >>> and the last report on unemployment before the voting comes out tomorrow. but today, payroll processer announced that the private employers added 158,000 jobs last month. we'll get the official numbers from the department of labor tomorrow morning. >>> the federal government is paying for emergey transportation. and how a restoration effort in the aftermath of super storm sandy and those efforts, they are focused in parts of new york and new jersey, after the storm interrupted access to most mass transit. today, ne
of people all over the coast who need help. >> here at wusa9 we're donating $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund for any one of you who like us on facebook. it's a quick simple way for you to help out. stay with us here on wusa9, we will be right back. >>> howard here with your weather first and another day with plenty of clouds and a little bit of sun and breezy too. temperatures by noon in the low 50s. might even see a stray shower north and west of d.c. with a high of 55. i'll be back in just a few minutes with your seven day forecast looking ahead right through the weekend. >>> the beltway in bethesda looks good between 270 bradley boulevard and down into tysons corner. all lanes are open at this time and no delays to worry about. i'll be back with more traffic info coming up at 6:18. back to you guys. >>> at 6:13. here's what's making news now. a fire continues to burn at a d.c. warehouse, this is a live look at what's left of the structure at 400 morse street. firefighters have been there all night since it began around 10:00 p.m. the fire coming from the roof and rear of
, a fruitcake, or c, a restaurant bill. >> kim wrote on our wusa9 facebook fan page c, the restaurant bill. the other two are far more popular than 10%. and for the first time ever, you can add us to the 10%. >> all right. so log on to our facebook fan page. leave what you think is the answer. we also have a special bonus this week. if you answer correctly, you'll be entered in a random drawing to win four tickets at less mess abes at the -- "les miserables" at the national theater next month. we'll have the answer during our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. grosvenor. >>> welcome back. 5:21. a pretty good looking day. we have some high clouds but you don't see too much here. we'll head toward 9:00. a decent amount of sunshine with clouds mixing in. one thing we'll notice is more and more clouds as we go throughout the day. 63 at noon. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle in the mountains. highs this afternoon getting into the upper 60s. so not as worm but turning a -- warm but turning a lot colder starting tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you, howard. >>> even though there's no s
kirkland's website on our website,, with a link. >>> on this veteran's day we want to thank all of you who took part in our turkey for troops campaign. this is the fourth year we've teamed up with the uso metropolitan to say thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line for us. that money will help buy thanksgiving and christmas food baskets for our local military families. go to the website,, click on the uso button right on the home page to donate. every penny you donate stays in the d.c. metro and bob conly of woodbridge made a $500 donation and is challenging all the other honda dealerships in our town to match that. >>> some of your neighbors, friends and coworkers don't make it into work, there could be a big reason for that. coming up, we'll show you what has gamers all worked up about midnight tonight. >>> no tackle football for the younger kids? that's a tough new rule a concussion expert wants for the game. how dangerous are the hits for younger players? what's being done to protect them? i'll have a special health alert next. >>> tonight's h
, all on click on campaign 2012. and don't forget to join us throughout the day for complete coverage on all the races. >>> elsewhere in the northeast, concerns are being raised about voting. in new jersey, several watchdog election groups are questioning security in letting displaced voters submit plats by mail, e- mail or -- ballots by mail, e- mail or even fax. they say unless the state clarifies the rules, they may sue. new york city plans to use shuttle buses to transport voters to the polls. new york and new jersey are allowing displaced residents to cast a provisional ballot for president and statewide office holders in any polling place. >>> the uncertainty of voting tonight comes as authorities in both localities, new york and new jersey prepare for a nor'easter which is making its way toward the east coast. officials say the storm could slow efforts to restore power to the nearly 2 million people who are still without electricity. cold weather has made it hard for the people who lack heat or are now homeless. the storm is expected to pri winds of up to 55 miles an h
on to the wusa9 facebook fan page leave your response. i think we're all going along with this guy. with joshua. we'll reveal the correct answer though during our 6:00 hour. >>> 5:21 on this friday morning. the futurecast, really not much significant weather and when you look at the temperatures they're starting in the 30s and 40s but actually i think the computer is lagging a little bit. i think may be a little bit warmer by a few degrees, back with noon 55 not 52. the air is dry with plenty of sunshine everywhere and that will be the case for the afternoon with the highs in the upper 50s to around 60. even warmer for the weekend. mike and andrea? >>> thank you howard. the nationals, yeah they got some more awards. >> and after a weather plagued series, d.c. united finally advances in the mls playoffs. dave owens has the highlights in the morning sports. >> well, good morning everybody. i tell you last night exciting stuff. d.c. united on the road at new york playoff game. it was the 70th minute. tie game. the starting goalie bill ahmed is kicked out because of an illegal tackle. bring on the
. >> and do you want to send something to us? go to our website, click on the weather, and be sure to include your name, location, and description. we have great flooding pictures in the wake of sandy that i couldn't show them because i did not need to know where they were or who sent them. >> but she did the right thing? >> yes. >> okay. you're correct. >>> coming up, the lawmaker will be exploring the possibility of a very different look to downtown d.c. >>> but coming up next, they caught on tape, roughening up the store clerk. not too bad for the slurpies. >>> we've got a holiday weekend coming up and commuters should expect big delays this veterans weekend. all metro, especially the orange line. through closing monday. the ballston and virginia square stations will be closed. trains will also be single tracking between the east falls church and vienna station. expecting delays up to 45 minutes. they will be single tracking on the red and green lines. >>> police are out with surveillance video today. they are hoping that it will help them catch a couple armedrobbers. it's the d
dollar stays right here in our area. all you have to do is log on to our website and then click on the budgetton, the uso button on the home page. joining me now is cheryl laker hall with uso metro. is that sort of what you will receive as a basket? >> this is exactly what they'll receive as a basket. >> let's talk about some of the stuff in there. >> turkey. you have your yams over here. everybody loves those. canned corn, pumpkin pie filling, stuffing. >> what kind of need are we talking about this year? we know we still have the war in afghanistan and other efforts around the country. more troops are starting to come home and could probably use some help. is there significant need? >> we have 500,000 military men and women in this area. so we're supporting a lot of people. this year we'll be providing 1200 holiday baskets just like the ones you see here to families in need this holiday season. >> what kind of impact do these people have when they come home? we've done many stories on troops when they go overseas and serve our country, they have to take a pay cut and it can be
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